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Private Drum Lessons at Exitleft

Hi all. Just a quick post about drum lessons. I’ll post a longer and more detailed post soon.


As of Wednesday 22nd March my services as teacher of the Drum Program were terminated. In fact the entire Drum Program has been axed due to cost-cutting measures at Exitleft Performance Academy. So, what does this mean for all my students there? Well it means no drum lessons for a short period while I get myself set-up in new quarters.

It is my students who I feel sorry for. They are the ones who are left out in the cold.

My guess is that I will hopefully resume teaching at the start of 2nd Term after the holidays. As much as I have always detested the word I feel gutted. While it wasn’t quite out of the blue it certainly knocked me for six (Aussie cricket reference for all my non-cricketing friends). Being told by a friend of 20 years that one’s services are no longer required effective immediately is not the sort of thing to finish a day with. I have my suspicions that there were other factors at play other than cutting costs but….

If you are one of my students or a parent reading this please contact me via the Contact Box below to keep up-to-date with lessons and future venue.

Anyway, I will push forward through adversity and make the most of this situation.



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