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New Videos

Styne's Legends Poster

Hi there. Got a couple of new videos to spruik. The first one is a mini doco on what I do prior to and during a recording session. You won’t get to hear the finished product or even the rough guide track I played to so look out for the song when its released in a few months. Keep an eye out for “Stop For A Minute” by Annia Baron . The recording was at Michael Shelley’s Green Room Studios in Hobart, Tasmania.


The second is a gig video of one of my bands, Styne’s Legends, playing at the Queen’s Head Hotel on 12th November 2016. Only had 2 cameras but was able to get a desk mix to add to the videos. It’s the classic Duran Duran song “Hungry Like The Wolf”.


And a quick spin round my new drum studio.



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