Miss Saigon Percussion 1 Set Up Notes

Hi there. About ten years ago I had the great fortune to play the Miss Saigon Percussion 1 book in Hobart, Tasmania. I had been a veteran on the music theatre scene there for a number of years but had never played something this big. The percussion 1 book was scary but not in terms of the notes but the sheer volume of South East Asian percussion instruments that were new to me AND the errors in naming them on the score.

This package here is my way of helping those percussionists who may feel daunted approaching Miss Saigon. I have included all the sample patches I used and complete instructions on how to load them. Back then I used a Roland SPD S. It was the state-of-the-art sample pad at the time. Now I have an SPD SX which is what I would recommend. I have checked and the samples should all load on this. They should also be good on the Yamaha or Alesis equivalents.

So, below are all the files you’ll need for the Miss Saigon Percussion 1 book along with detailed diagrams and photos of the set-up. ENJOY! If you have any questions feel free to contact me here.

Miss Saigon Percussion 2 Score Explained           Click here to download the samples: Saigon Samples

Miss Saigon SPD S set up                                      SPDS screen shots how to load files  

Miss Saigon Perc 2 Pit Set Up

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