Coronavirus and Skype Lessons

Hi there everyone. Tasmania has been pretty lucky so far with infection and spread of Covid-19. So far! I foresee in the near future that the schools will close for a period and then most of my income dries up. SO, I’m pre-empting this and starting to advertise Skype Drum Lessons. I have been doing this with a few remote students for a while so it’s not a new thing for me. I have a multi-camera set-up in my studio and the Manycam software to run this with Skype. My recording kit is fully mic’ed so can be routed so that the student gets a great sound from my end. All you need is a phone/tablet/iPad/laptop with the free Skype software on it and bingo! you’re ready to go.

Please contact me if this is something you’d like for your child or yourself.  Lessons are $35 per half hour and need to be pre-paid unless of course you are an existing student wishing to self-isolate or just be safe and avoid potential risk.

Email or phone 0417 295 276


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