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Illustration for zoom online drumming articleHi there everyone and in particular those wanting online drum lessons. Tasmania has been pretty lucky so far with infection and spread of COVID-19. SO, I’m  advertising Online Zoom Drum Lessons. I have been doing this with a few remote students for a while so it’s not a new thing for me.

I have a multi-camera set-up in my studio and  OBS software to run this with Zoom. My recording kit is fully mic’ed so can be routed so that the student gets a great sound from my end. All you need is a phone/tablet/iPad/laptop with the free Zoom software on it and bingo! you’re ready to go.

I had plenty of success with Online Drum Lessons last year when all my face-to-face students from the studio and Dominic College took up their drum lessons online. We found those with gaming headsets faired better as the sound quality they were hearing was better. Also I could hear their voice and drums much better than via webcam. The best results came from the students who could mic up their kit even if it was only with one or two microphones. Obviously this scenario is not the norm.

Over 2020 Zoom drum lessons and meetings of all types really took off. They have now sorted out a lot of the audio glitches that were occuring. The best results are from PC/MAC with webcam and headset. The worst results for drum lessons are phones and tablets/iPads. But we can work through any problems.

Please contact me if this is something you’d like for your child or yourself.  Lessons are $35 per half hour and need to be pre-paid unless of course you are an existing student wishing to self-isolate or just be safe and avoid potential risk.

Email or phone 0417 295 276

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