Drum Lessons 2021: The First Week Back

Welcome back to drum lessons.

Well, the first week back to taking drum lessons at the studio is over. Kinda, I do have one more student today. All went well and everyone turned up for their lessons. There are still a few I haven’t seen here who are starting next week. It was great to see the improvements in their playing and to catch up with what they all did over the  holidays. One young girl, Stella, has made great progress with the Ted Reed Syncopation book. She even taught herself the whole page with the 16ths and 1/4 notes!

If you’re not booked in with us here at Jeremy Sibson Performance & Education then we still have a few places left to fill. Just fill out the query form on the website and we’ll get in touch to arrange a lesson time.

Online videos of drum lessons.

Another great feature of the site which ties in with our students’ drum lessons is the Online Drumming Resources page which contains video presentations of many of the beginning drum lessons. Parents had often asked if I could send them a video of the latest beat their child was learning. This was so they could help them practice at home between drum lessons. So during the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020 I started producing these short videos. There will be more added over 2021 too.

New cymbals!

Another new feature which has been happening over last year and into this year is updating and changing my cymbal brand and set-up. I have done this on both my recording/gigging drum kit and also the teaching drum kit. I have moved from Meinl back to Zildjian Cymbals which I played throughout the 1980s and 90s. Thanks to some excellent support and healthy discounts from the staff at McCann’s Music Centre I have been able to furnish both drum kits with a great range of cymbals. I had to source some cymbals through the second hand markets. I desperately wanted a 20″ Zildjian K Heavy Ride which went out of production recently…but I found one!

Teaching drum kit with Zildjian cymbals

The Teaching drum set with the new Zildjian Cymbals.

Recoding drum kit with extensive Zildian cymbals

The recording/gigging drum kit with the new and old Zildjian Cymbals.

Other teaching

In the next few weeks I will start back at Dominic College and Eastside Lutheran College and it’s going to be great to see both past and beginning students fresh from holidays. Some parents have already contacted me telling me how keen their children are to be getting back to their drum lessons with me. 

Anyway, happy new year and may 2021 be filled with lots of drums and drumming.

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