Jeremy Sibson started his professional music career at the age of 12 playing percussion for “Pirates of Penzance”. This was  at the historic Theatre Royal in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Since then he has gone on to play many shows as pit drummer in  the Tasmanian music theatre scene. Sibson has been Musical Director on many shows. These include Rent (2005), High School Musical (2009), All Shook Up (2010), and 13: The Musical (2010/11). In 2009 he played in the Australian Tour of Broadway to Australia which featured Ahrens and Flaherty.

Army Training

Between 1984 and 1992 Jeremy Sibson was a Musician in the Australian Army Band Corps. He was posted in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Jeremy gained enormous experience here learning the art of writing for Drum Corps. Playing alongside Australian big band legend Ed Wilson was a highlight.

Prog Rock to Wheelie Bins

After leaving the Army, Sibson started writing and performing with Three Winters Cold, an original Prog Rock band. He also scored music for two documentaries, including one for the ABC. In 1999 he took up the Bodhrán and became heavily involved with the Irish Music scene in Australia. He played with The To’Rags , WhistleBlower, and The Ryan Garth Experience.  His latest project is an updating and down-scaling of his Uni Revue Wheelie Bin skit. Thus the Wheelie Bin Orchestra was born.

Drum Study

Jeremy has studied widely including drum kit lessons with Daniel Glass, David Jones, Virgil Donati, and Darryn Farugia. He had Bodhran lessons with Colm Phelan, Cormac Byrne, Johnny McDonagh, Eamon Murray, Jim Higgins, and Junior Davies.

Current Projects

Jeremy Sibson is a well-respected performer and educator on both the Drum Kit and Bodhrán. He  completed his Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Tasmania in 2013. Sibson teaches Drum Kit at  Dominic College as well as having a hectic private teaching schedule. Jeremy has also started taking on NDIS participants using drumming as an outlet for their creative side through Langford .

Current band projects include The Blues Brothers Revival show band, and acoustic trio Mikaela and Friends.