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Miss Saigon Percussion 2 Set-up And Samples

On my previous website I wrote an article on how I set up at the Theatre Royal for the Percussion 2 Miss Saigon score. It proved to be incredibly popular as many schools and amateur theatre companies are now producing this show since the amateur rights became available. The trouble I had was understanding what all the exotic South-East Asian percussion instruments were and also coping with some bad copyist errors listing the instruments on the score.

I was lucky to have plenty of space in an area behind the orchestra pit to set up the masses of equipment required. For ease of playing and instrument availability and budget, I opted for some of the sounds to be triggered via the Roland SPD S sample pad and various pads and foot triggers.


So, here’s the set-up with explanation: Oh, I’m posting all of this information as PDFs to make it easier for interested parties to download.

Miss Saigon Perc 2 Pit Set Up Photo with explanation of instrumentation.

Miss Saigon Percussion 2 Score Explained Pictures and explanations of many of the SE Asian instruments found in the score.

Miss Saigon SPD S set up Detail of which instruments were on the Roland SPD S sample pad.

SPDS screen shots how to load files How to load the SPD S samples and Data. (Samples and Data on Dropbox link below.

Dropbox Link to Miss Saigon files, samples, and loading data.



Here are a selection of photos from different angles detailing the Percussion 2 set-up for Miss Saigon in Hobart, Tasmania.

MS 4 MS 9 MS 8 MS 7 MS 10 MS 6 MS 5 MS 3 MS 2 MS 1