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Roland Hybrid Drum Kit


Following up on my successful post explaining how my Electronic Kit set-up works here is a behind-the-scenes look at my new Roland Hybrid Drum Kit set-up. I needed to put this kit together for a new project I am in the process of rehearsing for. The band has three female singers fronting the 4-piece band. We are using some backing tracks as well to fill out and complement the sound to try and capture the vibe of the original songs. So, like the Electronic Kit, I have to contend with a channel for Backing Tracks, a channel for the Click as well as monitoring the rest of my sounds and fold-back from the band.

Triggers & Pads

The centrepiece of my rig is the Roland TM 2. I have set the trigger inputs to split the stereo in to 2 mono ins. I run 2 x stereo to 2 mono ¼” cables to my triggers and pads. I have triggers on the Kick (RT 10K) and Snare (RT 10S), and a BT 1 bar trigger and a PD 8 pad. These are inputted into TM 2 as described. I hard pan all sounds Left and this signal is sent to my Main Mixer.

Hybrid Drum Kit trigger and BT 1 Bar Trigger Hybrid Drum Kit kick trigger by RolandHybrid Drum Kit details

Main Mixing Desk

My main mixer is a Yamaha MG 10 and is used to input the TM 2 and Backing Track (via DI Box). These are hard panned Left and Right and are routed to Front of House (FOH) desk via Main Out L & R. I send the signal to my Monitor Mix via Monitor Out.

Hybrid Drum Kit Yamaha mixing set up

Monitor Mixer

The Monitor Mixer is a Yamaha MG 06. Channel 1 has the Click via a DI Box. Channel 2 is Band Fold back from FOH desk. Channel 3 is the Monitor Send from Main Mix (Backing and TM 2). From here I send this mix to the Headphone Amplifier (Behringer MA400).

Hybrid Drum Kit overview of whole kit

Hybrid Drum DI close up


Hybrid Drum Kit signal path Flow diagram

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Roland Hybrid Drum Kit