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Inner workings of the Roland SPD SX

A few problems…

Hi all. In my on-going quest to get the best out of my hybrid set up for Styne’s Legends I recently added not one but two Roland BT 1 bar triggers. bt-1_angle_mainThey are a great bit of kit and don’t take up much real estate on the kit. To get them on-board I’ve had to split the two Trigger Ins on the back of the SPD SX with 2 from the BT 1s and another two each from the kick pad and snare pad. I had read online that there was an anomaly with the trigger input selection on the SPD SX whereby if you select BT 1 as the trigger input the SPD SX didn’t recognise the unit unless you were using a stereo 1/4″ cable.spd-sx_top_main

Anyway, I’d set everything up with one BT1 as a Ride Cymbal and the other one over the Hi Hat for Hand Claps, Cowbells, and a few other fx. At our last gig I was having difficulty with the snare pad cancelling out the left hand BT 1 (Snare= Trigger 1, BT1= Trigger 4). I had no problems with the other Bar Trigger which was in Trigger input 2. I tried everything I could think of including, heaven forbid, consulting the manual! In the end I messaged Roland Australia via Facebook. They responded very quickly and offered a few suggestions including altering the poly/mono settings. I tried all of this to no avail.

Out of sheer desperation I switched the BT1 over with an old PD 8 rubber pad. pd8_mainBINGO! Instant success. No cancelling of the signal. I can only conclude that there is some weird input configuration going on with the BT1/SPD SX.