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JPEGs of Drum Transcriptions

Hi there. This page only has Jpegs of the transcriptions. The downloadable PDFs are on the other page in this link.

Paradiddle exercise sheetx - Drum Set Highway to hell DRUMS - Drum SetREVISED_Page_1Highway to hell DRUMS - Drum SetREVISED_Page_2Something Beautiful DRUMS - Drum Set_Page_1Something Beautiful DRUMS - Drum Set_Page_2Something Beautiful DRUMS - Drum Set_Page_3Boulevard of broken dreams DRUMS_1_Page_1Boulevard of broken dreams DRUMS_1_Page_2Boulevard of broken dreams DRUMS_1_Page_3Undercover Angelx - Drum Set_Page_1Undercover Angelx - Drum Set_Page_2Undercover Angelx - Drum Set_Page_3