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A bit of background

The Wheelie Bin Orchestra is a dynamic four-piece percussion ensemble that makes their music on….wheelie bins. The concept was born out of a skit for the annual Old Nick Company’s “Uni Revue” in 2003 which involved twenty players on stage. The present line-up has evolved the original concept to include an audience participation segment along the lines of ABC-TV’s “Spicks and Specks”.

Wheelie Bin Orchestra

The ensemble draws their material from the broad spectrum of percussion music including Latin American, African, US Drum Line, Irish/Celtic, and Rock, all infused with good humour that will have you tapping along.

Wheelie Bin Orchestra


The Wheelie Bin Orchestra members are Jeremy Sibson, Robert Rule, Ben Smart, and Andrew Colrain. All come from a strong background in percussion and theatre with and all are professional musicians.

The ensemble have played numerous festivals and corporate functions both locally and interstate.


Facebook page: Wheelie Bin Orchestrahttps://www.facebook.com/WheelieBinOrchestra

YouTube links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1WgpLm90Nw





How much will it cost?

Pricing: NB: 1 member lives in Melbourne so for the full line-up cost will include return airfare from Melbourne, Victoria. An hour generally involves 3 x 15 minute spots at various locations (festivals/fairs/shows etc). Corporate work can be written specially for the gig and formatted to any theme that organisers may have.

Typical festival/fair etc would be 2 x 1 hour spots with an hour’s break between. $250 per member for 3 members (total $750). If the full 4 members required, then airfare needs to be factored.

Typical corporateWheelie Bin Orchestra: 10 – 20 minute show. $1600 plus airfare (full 4 members). For 3 members then price comes down to $1200.

Requirements: 3 – 4 large clean wheelie bins. Wireless headset microphone and portable amplifier. For Corporate gigs, if there is a sound system that could be used we would still need headset mic (wireless preferable). For some roving gigs that are one-offs, then it may be possible to forego the portable amplifier but it is easier for our singer.

Contact: Jeremy Sibson. jeremysibson@hotmail.com  ph: 0417295276